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With valuable experience achieved during years of running a successful interior design firm with many successfully executed luxury project through out the Middle East region, Necci now is proud to introduce itself as one of the leading companies in providing the interior products to the region. Necci is recognized by its in depth knowledge of interior designing, and thorough understanding of the designers, architects, fabricators and consumers needs in UAE market. All Necci fabrics and products are carefully selected and hand picked as per the market taste by our professional team of interior designers.

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Our in-house potential of dealing in project management, interior designing, fitouts, product sourcing, space planning, and construction capabilities helps us provide bespoke solutions for businesses and private owners to build high-end residential and commercial spaces for a just price.

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Necci is one of the prominent interior design companies in UAE, with a reputation for providing comprehensive interior design solutions. Our skilled interior designers in Dubai will ensure that your interior is unique, polished, and an aesthetically beautiful representation of your liking and personality, whether it is a residential or commercial space. We offer a hassle-free operation within a budget from budgeting to conception, sourcing supplies to execution and delivery.


Our interior designers in Dubai will assess the space, arrange a meeting to understand the client's likes and preferences better and use their expertise to suggest appropriate themes, fundamental changes, and soft furnishings.

Design & Build

We send a team of pros to implement the design & construction plan and obtain the appropriate furnishings and decor to meet the proposition after a theme is decided.

Project Management

It's not only about assigning a team; it's about keeping track of the budget and schedule to ensure project completion on time and within budget which makes us the leading renovation company in Dubai.

Scheduled Delivery

We ensure on-time delivery as scheduled in the pre-planning stage. However, it may change if there are any changes while executing the project.

How We Work

Why choose us?

When purchasing a new mansion, penthouse, villa, office space, or retail outlet, buyers hire builders and designers separately to create the structure of their dreams. This might not be what you're looking for. Our experts, including leading interior designers in the field, have years of industry experience, are well-connected, and can source high-quality materials. They are also known for completing various-sized projects in various sectors, starting from concept to completion. Assuring that the client's preferred style, persona, and desired look are all combined properly. When you partner up with our firm, you can rest assured that we are:

Industry Expert

Unique & Polished Service

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High Skilled Professionals

Industry Expert

High-Quality Service

On Schedule Delivery

Excellent Client Servicing


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